About Reminders

“Reminders” is an ongoing series of allegorical paintings – dreamscapes that contain symbolic messages about life’s lessons. Carefully proportioned props are constructed using a range of materials for posing with the model to communicate thoughts and perceptions. Representing human kind, the model’s face and hair are concealed; there is no persona. Her drapery substitutes clothing, fashion and style, while adding mystery and drama to her image.

Though the scenes are contemporary, they are painted using the old world masters’ glazing techniques. The dramatic light and darkness mimic the extreme polarity of the world in which we live. The single light source from above gives each painting its flow and depth to lead the eye while symbolizing the heavens or The Light. The paintings actually glow with luminescence in the dim lighting of a room, as if they are lit from within, reminding the viewer to also be lit from within.

P. S. Thibodeaux

Energy Field Painting